Cutthroatpete Interviews Ricki Hall on his Beard

I have had the pleasure of interviewing one of the coolest male models about at the moment…. Ricki Hall.

Cutthroatpete- Hi ricki, I’m a barber and male grooming expert, as well as cutting hair, I specialise in the art of traditional cutthroat shaving and I have a keen interest in beards and moustaches. For me, they go hand in hand with Tattoos, Barbering and Vintage fashion all of which I am very passionate about.

I would like to start by asking you what made you grow your beard?

Ricki Hall- “I started growing my beard around this time last year. I was a model before the beard but fancied switching it up a bit, and what better way to compliment my tattoos than with a weapon of a beard”

Ctp- And did you always intend for it to be as long as it is?

RH- “I wasn’t sure how long I was going to grow it, I get it trimmed and tidied up every time I go for my haircut every 2 weeks with Conrad at Tusk in Camden”

Ctp- As a barber, I get a lot of guys asking me for advice on how to grow a beard…
“Do you just let it grow? How often do you have to shape it?” Do you have any key tips for a first time Grower?

RH- “Just grow it. Don’t shape it don’t trim it, just grow the fuck out of it for 4-5 months. A rookie mistake is to start shaping it after a few weeks. Just leave it alone”

Ctp- People assume men with beards are scruffy or unkept… I know this is not true as I have a beard myself!
Do you follow a particular ritual to keep your beard clean?

RH- “Shampoo and condition it the same as your hair on your head too. I put a little spray of my comme des garçons wonderwood parfume in it too…..for the lady’s pleasure ;-)”

Ctp- As far as grooming a beard goes, I guess for most guys, it’s trial and error… I always advise people with longer beards to use a beard oil to keep it in good condition and shampoo regularly.. Do you use a particular product?

RH- “As I just mentioned i shampoo and condition it 3 times a week. I use Aussie miracle moist shampoo and conditioner, works great for my beard. Nothing better than getting out the shower with a squeaky clean fresh beard. I comb when it’s wet to get into shape. It’s like having a fucking baby to look after sometimes”

Ctp- You have been part of some awesome fashion photoshoots/campaigns, would you say your beard helps you get work?

RH- “Of course. If it wasn’t for my beard I wouldn’t have done half of what I’ve achieved and been a part off. Keep your eyes peeled for the next few months I’m in quite a lot of stuff that’s coming out”

Ctp- You have a massive twitter/Instagram following, lots of the images you post get lots of positive comments from the ladies…would you say your beard is a good Ice breaker when talking to ladies?

RH- “I have great followers on both twitter and instagram. I get some very odd requests and tweets and comments on my pictures but I find it funny and i enjoy how weird some of my followers are, I love having a bit of banter with my followers. I can’t be offended so send me anything haha. Girls and guys either love or hate my beard, if they hate it it really doesn’t bother me. You can’t please everyone. But yes it is defo an ice breaker, drunk girls are always stroking it and sniffin it haha. It’s fine with me as long as I can sniff them back, and a cheaky finger, haha i lie. (I’m not)”

Ctp- Do you see a beard as a sign of being a real man? Haha.. Sorry to the guys that can’t grow one!

RH- “No of course not, beards are very manly, but If you can’t grow one it sucks but there ain’t fuck all you can do about it bro”

Ctp- Although lots more people have something alternative about their look these days, there are still a small number of people who aren’t used to seeing ‘different’ styles or fashions… Do you think people look differently at you because if your beard?

RH- “In London people don’t look twice but when I go back home to Wolverhampton to see family I do get funny looks as its not very common for a young guy (25) to have a big ass beard. I get sly remarks about it when I’m in the pub but end of the day I get paid for having a beard haha. Not many people get to say that”

Ctp- Do you think beards will become more popular amongst male models?

RH- “Beards have become massive amongst male models, my agencies (Nevs-London + Boom-Milan) have quite a few bearded folk on their books. I love them for that. Few have tattoos too, there are my rivals in a friendly way haha”

Ctp- Your hair always looks cool, do you spend a lot of time grooming your hair and beard?

RH- “I always make sure my hair is perfect. It has to be really as I’m always at castings or on a shoot and it’s nice to go there hair already done, half the time the hair stylist on the shoot doesn’t have to do anything to my hair”

Ctp- And for my last question…. Who is your favourite celeb/musician/actor with a beard? Your ‘beard icon’?

RH- “Gerrard Butler looked naughty with a beard in 300 such a great shape beard I’m not sure if he had extensions in it though also Tom Hardy looks better with a beard, it’s not a great beard but he suits it”

I would like to end by saying a massive thank you to you Ricki, I will continue to follow your work and it would be cool to catch up again some time soon.

You can follow Ricki on twitter or Instagram.. He is always posting cool pics and has good words to say on twitter! @rickifuckinhall

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