Cutthroatpete the brand was launched in Spring ’13.

Pete has been a barber for 12 years. He fell in love with the trade from day one and has thrown everything into his career up to now.

Pete says, “Barbering is a lifestyle and not just a job”

Looking after his large client base is a major priority in Pete’s busy lifestyle. He says, “I would’nt have it any other way”. He is clearly really passionate about his job and is not afraid to go the extra mile for his trusty customers.

Pete’s passion for male fashion and grooming made him decide to start up his own clothing brand. He wanted to share his ideas and spread the Cutthroatpete name worldwide helping to create a larger awareness for his love of the craft. He is constantly working on expanding his range.

Pete is now working out of his great new Liverpool City Centre Spot, Cutthroatpete’s Barber Store. Here he can be found most days doing what he enjoys, socialisng with his clients and giving them a clean, sharp haircut. He also offers a VIP service. This is for those customers that require his services either on vacation or at their home or place of work.

Photoshoots and on location work are also something Pete really enjoys about his job. He has worked with a number of National Magazines and launch events for male grooming companies. He often travels to London to work with his clients.

Pete can be contacted at cutthroatpete@hotmail.com for any work enquiries.







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